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Things are never as bad as they could be
The absurd audio world of Tom Heithoff

The characters in Tom Heithoff's audio dramas are often men on the brink of a nervous breakdown which in turn threatens more far-reaching consequences.

They are fugitives: stubborn outsiders on the run or people who have slipped through the cracks. Between escapism and disorientation, language often falls away as a usable means of communication. The stories are built on fragments of text, within which statements and responses drive language and its potential for mutual understanding into the absurd.

The award-winning plays of Tom Heithoff walk the boundary between absurd comedy and earnest realism.


A film by Thomas Schumacher
Germany 2010, 21 Min.
English subtitles: Wade Adams
Typography: Jane Katharina di Renzo
Score: Tom Heithoff, Thomas Schumacher
Sound Assistance France: Juliette Heithoff
Script, Cinematography, Editor: Thomas Schumacher